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About i-sure

How to use i-sure

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About i-sure

Do your patients come to you dreaming of motherhood? Help them experience this exciting phase of life without anxious moments.
As a woman looks forward to this dream coming true, she may want this to happen immediately. As you know, there is only a narrow window of 2 days available every month for one to get pregnant.
Help your patients know the right time and making the most of this ‘narrow window of opportunity’ with i-sure.
i-sure is an ‘easy-to-use’ single step ovulation detection kit, which is the  first step towards getting pregnant by knowing the ‘right time’ i.e. time of ovulation. She can thus plan the time of intercourse and increase her chances of pregnancy.
It is known that the normal conception rate for fertile couples who are attempting to achieve pregnancy is 15-25% per cycle. Therefore, most couples will achieve pregnancy within one year. In these cases, in the absence of a complicated gynecological history (e.g. uterine disease, tubal disease, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea), or if the woman is 35 years or older, home fertility monitoring can help guide the couple as they attempt to conceive.

It has been reported that home urinary LH (Lutenising Hormone) kits can detect LH concentrations at or above 20-40 mlU/mL, and when used as directed, the results generally agree with those of more invasive laboratory tests used to predict ovulation.
Once started, testing should be continued for five to seven days. If a woman has an irregular menstrual cycle, she should continue testing for at least nine consecutive days until she detects an LH surge or begins her menstrual period. Failure to detect a surge between cycles might indicate that the surge was missed or that the patient had an anovulatory cycle.


How to use i-sure

i-sure presents to you an ‘easy-to-use’ & convenient way to know the right time to welcome motherhood.

When is the right time to start testing?

i-sure will help you know your fertile period during which your chances of getting pregnant are the highest. To know when is the right time to start testing Click Here

To know how to perform the test Click here

Ovulation Calendar - To calculate Click Here

What time of the day should the test be conducted?

Test should be conducted around noon time (12 noon) or later because as you know LH is synthesized in the morning, making it much more likely to show up in afternoon urine.
So for best results, time has to be fixed up around 12 noon or later & she has to collect the urine at the same time each day.
If the need be test has to be repeated at the same time on subsequent days.

Interpreting the results
If a woman gets a positive result, it means that there is a Luteinizing Hormone (LH) release which indicates that she may ovulate within the next 24-48 hours. A negative result means that the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) release has not been detected hence she should continue the daily testing. Not every woman ovulates mid-cycle hence she might not necessarily observe a positive result in the first five days after testing.

Test has to be conducted daily until she gets a positive result. Most women ovulate within 24-48 hours of a positive result, so to maximize her chances of pregnancy she should plan intercourse on the day of the LH release as well as successive three days after it.


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